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How Genetics Plays a Role in Your Heart Health

September 29th is World Heart Day. Created by the World Heart Federation, it’s a day that aims to raise global awareness around Cardiovascular disease (CVD), which includes heart disease and strokes. Cardiovascular disease is responsible for nearly half of all noncommunicable diseases deaths making it the world’s number one killer. Therefore, World Heart Day is an opportunity for us to consider not just our current heart health but what role genetics may play in predicting if we have any propensity for heart disease or stroke in the future.

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The Truth About the “Gluten Gene”

More and more, we hear about “gluten free diets” or “gluten free options” on a menu. While there are many fad diets, when it comes to gluten, this one is firmly based in health and science. According to a recent study, the diagnosis of Celiac Disease has increased alongside the mortality rates. Making matters even more concerning is roughly 3 million Americans who believed they didn’t have a gluten allergy, in fact, did. Not knowing you have this condition can impact your health, more than you may even realize.

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