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Genetic Cancers Run in Families. Let’s Stop it this Generation.

The PhosphorusONE test looks at the most exhaustive list of genes known to cause inherited cancer syndromes. Understanding whether or not you or a loved one carries a mutation in these genes can help catch cancer before it’s too late.

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Genetics and sports medicine: this cardio-genetic test may save your life.

Sudden Unexpected Death (SUD) is characterized by just that: an otherwise healthy individual suddenly dies, due to an undiagnosed or often undiscovered medical issue. In the United States, more than 400,000 people die each year of SUD. 

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Hygea and Phosphorus, a CLIA/CAP Certified Laboratory, Announce Formal Partnership

Hygea Precision Medicine, Inc. (Hygea), a company focused on developing a precision medicine software system for healthcare providers and patients to effectively manage genomic testing, and Phosphorus, a leader in diagnostic and bioinformatic solutions for clinical next generation sequencing (NGS), are pleased to announce a formal, agreed partnership. In addition, technical integration between the two platforms has been successfully completed.

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