Take the guesswork out of your prescription drugs. Follow your DNA.

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The average adult aged 65 and older takes >4 prescription medications. Between 10 - 30% of all hospitalizations in this age group is due to Adverse-events resulting from medications. Understanding your DNA can help you and your physician prevent an adverse event before it happens.

The PhosphorusONE genetic test looks at 83 genes that affect your ability to metabolize nearly 200 medications. These drugs are used to treat everything from blood clots to depression – and some of them work better for you than others. Learn how your genes can make sure you’re getting the most out of your medications.

By age 65, the average adult takes at least 4 medications to manage everything from cholesterol levels to heart rhythm. Modern pharmaceuticals have helped to extend our lifespan well beyond that of our ancestors. Among this age group, 16% of all prescription drugs result in an adverse or otherwise insufficient reaction, causing many older patients to be readmitted for care.

Yet different medications work differently for each of us. That’s because each of us has a singularly unique metabolic profile. Our liver produces proteins responsible for metabolizing foreign substances, and we all carry different versions of these proteins in our DNA. For some drugs, you might be a fast metabolizer, clearing it from your system too soon (requiring an increased dose), for other drugs you might be a non-metabolizer – it simply does not work for you.

Mismatched medications are a big problem in our health system. It is estimated that billions of dollars are spent each year due to sub-optimal drug efficacy, adverse responses, or ineffectiveness of certain pharmaceuticals. In many cases, this can cause harm or continued suffering to patients until the proper medication is found. The current process, without genetics, is riddled with trial and error and can cause suffering to continue for months on end.

Whatever your specific case is, your genes may hold the answer. Understanding your genetic profile can be essential to making sure you are on the medications.

What specifically is tested for on PhosphorusONE?

The PhosphorusONE test looks at 83 genes that affect the way we metabolize 190 different well-understood drugs. Below is an overview on the medications that we look at on this test:

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How do I get this test?

The PhosphorusONE Drug Response test is available as part of the entire PhosphorusONE genetic test, or can be purchased separately directly through our website: check it out here.

Alexander Bisignano